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🎨 Art and Craft Teachers Wanted! 🌟 Join a Supportive Creative Community.


At iCraftdit, we're thrilled to welcome you to a community that goes beyond the ordinary. Here, we're not just seeking teachers; we're on a mission to discover passionate educators who are ready to shape the future of art and craft education. Join us on a journey where your unique qualities as an educator will be celebrated and nurtured. Let's embark on this exciting adventure together, where passion meets creativity, and where your teaching journey takes center stage. Welcome to iCraftdit!

Our Community Project

iCraftdit is not just a platform, but a family of art and craft enthusiasts who want to make a difference. Our community is a family of creative enthusiasts who believe that Art and Craft is an integral part of our life. We are looking to develop job opportunities for Artists, Crafters and Teachers who want to earn a fruity, steady and safe income from this field.

Grow your potential and reach more students with us. Whether you teach painting, pottery, photography, sculpting, drawing, or any other form of art and craft, you are welcome to join us!


What are the benefits of joining iCraftdit?

By joining iCraftdit, you will enjoy many benefits, such as:

 Fixed profit on individual student: You will get a fixed percentage of the fee paid by each student who attends your workshop or class. No hidden charges or deductions.

 Performance-based incentives: You will get additional rewards based on your ratings, reviews, and referrals. The more you teach and the better you teach, the more you earn.

 Store discounts: You will get exclusive discounts on art and craft supplies from our partner stores. Save money and get the best materials for your work.

 Website feature and brand recognition: You will get featured on our website and social media platforms, where you can showcase your work and attract more students. You will also get a certificate of recognition from iCraftdit, which you can use to boost your credibility and reputation.

 Teacher support and development: You will get full support from our community leaders, who will help you with any issues or queries you may have. You will also get access to training and resources that will help you improve your skills and teaching methods.

 Product feature: You will get a chance to sell your products on our website and earn extra income. You will also get feedback and suggestions from our customers and experts.


Step-up Ladder for our teachers:

  1. Understand our wide range of products by using them for free.
  2. Take free training with us and make your own articles to gather your students.
  3. Promote with us to grow more.
  4. Get trained with free ready detailed curriculum of wide range of workshops from summer and winter camps to weekend hobby workshops and weekly art and craft classes.
  5. Book kits for your students.
  6. Start earning by teaching these workshops. It can be at your home, at school, at your classes OR with us at our studio, in collaboration with others like stationary shops, event organisations and anywhere where you are comfortable and feel at ease.
  7. More the students, more the benefits like incentives, performance based rewards, store discounts etc.
  8. Upgrade yourself even after the workshop and get prepared for the next earning cycle which has no boundaries.
  9. Share ideas with other teachers and community members to learn more.
  10. Get featured on our website and social media platform for more exposure.


Easy joining process:

  • Fill out this Google form
  • Schedule a friendly 10 min chat
  • Appear for a formal interview
  • Welcome to iCraftdit.
  • Start earning and inspire.


If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to contact

Call us on 9819151670 or 


We are always happy to hear from you. 

Thank you for choosing iCraftdit! 🙏. 

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